Upcycled Barbie Dolls

Years ago when my daughter was quite small, I started to knit Barbie dresses as a way of making some extra money from home, but they never really took off.

About a year or two ago my mum suggested that I put the dresses onto a Barbie doll and sell it altogether. We were always seeing Barbie dolls in the op-shops that we frequented while buying supplies for our many other projects – we love upcycling & recycling.

So I started collecting the pre-loved Barbies from wherever I could find them, it was a bonus if they came with shoes or bags as I wanted to dress the Barbies in a complete outfit – I love creating fashion whether it’s on a large scale or small.

Now the Barbies are not always in the best condition so there is lots of cleaning involved. Although it is time-consuming, it is also very satisfying to see the change in these dolls that comes from a bit of hard work.

Each dress is a one-off and all dresses have been hand-knitted by myself from a mixture of new, second-hand and upcycled materials. The Barbie dresses are made from cotton and acrylic yarns so they are 100% machine washable. The shoes and bags are also second hand.


Please keep in mind that although every effort is taken to thoroughly clean these Barbie dolls, they are pre-loved so they may show signs of wear and tear.

I am really enjoying giving these Barbies a second change to shine and I hope you think they are pretty great too.

See all the UpCycled Barbie Dolls currently available.

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