• By purchasing from our site, you engage in our “Service” and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions
  • We only list products which are available or for which we have an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) on our website (Designs can be ordered by emailing us, as with the rest of our pieces they will be a one-off design)
  • Prices and availability information on our website are generally updated at least once every 2 business days
  • The price and availability information on our website is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time the information is updated
  • Available products are generally posted within 7 days of receipt of payment (A 3 week turnaround must be allowed for ordered designs)
  • Order Status and Tracking information is available through communication from ourselves and then from Australia Post once posted (Please check this before calling, initiating a chat or emailing)


Product Prices

All prices displayed on our website are GST-inclusive. Prices are updated on our website at least once every 2 business days.


Order Processing

We will not dispatch an order until we have received payment in full for the total value of the order.


Product Availability

The availability information displayed on our website is extracted from our real-time inventory management and order processing system. Our website is updated with up-to-date stock information once every 2 days. Hence, if our website indicates that an item is in stock, it generally means that it is. We do however recommend that you contact us about stock availability if you intend to purchase a large quantity (i.e. more than 5). We do accept item request – such as if you are interested in an item but would like it in a different colour or style please contact us directly. Please be advised bespoke orders take a minimum of 3 weeks construction time from the day full payment is received. More elaborate items can take longer but we will keep you up to date on the progress of your item.


Order Tracking

To track your order, please log into our website with your account and look at the My Account page. You will be able to see the status of all your orders. We also use the My Account page to display any additional information about your order. You will also be able to use the Australia Post tracking system. Please check the order progress regularly and contact us if there are any issues or concerns.


Order Cancellations

We are flexible with order cancellation and allow you to cancel an order before it is shipped. However, if we incur costs as a result of the cancellation, we will pass these on to you, so please research and choose the products carefully and consider how you pay for your purchase. Also, please note that all cancellations must be done or confirmed by email. The following policies apply on order cancellations where the order is cancelled as a result of the customer changing their mind:

  • Credit Card Handling Fees – For order cancellations paid for by Credit Card (NOT PayPal), the Credit Card Handling Fee of 2.5% is not refundable, as this fee is charged by the bank and is not refunded to us when an order is cancelled and we have to issue a refund.
  • Freight Costs & Shipping Insurance – If you cancel an order that has been shipped but not yet delivered, the freight cost and shipping insurance will not be refunded, as we will not be refunded this cost by the courier. Please note that an order in the status of Shipping may have already been shipped but not yet updated on our website.

A phone call or an email requesting cancellation of the order does not constitute cancellation of the order. We must confirm all cancellations in writing or by a change of order status on the website. We have this policy to ensure that if an order has been shipped or is preparing to be shipped it is stopped before we confirm the order cancellation.

Payment Methods

We must receive cleared payment in full for the total value of the order before we will accept and start processing your order. The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Credit/Debit Card (Immediate clearance)
5% handling fee (as a percentage of the total) applies
  • PayPal or Credit/Debit Card via PayPal (Immediate clearance)
5% handling fee (as a percentage of the total) applies


Raffaella Basini Creations takes no responsibility for any delays associated with processing your payment by third-party financial institutions.

Raffaella Basini Creations will appear on your credit card statement for orders placed with us.


Fraud Prevention

For certain Credit Card orders (i.e. based on fraud risk as determined by our automated fraud risk assessment procedures), we will undertake additional steps (as determined by our fraud prevention policies) to ensure the transaction is not fraudulent. These steps may include, but are not limited to:

  • Calling the customer and/or the owner of the credit card on a landline number
  • Verifying the landline number as belonging to the delivery or billing address
  • Validating the billing address specified on our website as matching the billing address provided to the credit card issuer
  • Requesting the courier to verify and record the identity of the recipient on delivery
  • Requesting a photocopy of the credit card to be faxed to us (to verify physical possession of the card)


Data Security

Raffaella Basini Creations uses the industry standard security protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt all sensitive information (like your credit card details) that passes between your computer and the Raffaella Basini Creations website. We employ the latest 128-bit encryption technology in all areas of the site which require you to provide your personal or account information. This means that the credit card information you send is encrypted by your computer, and then decrypted again on our side, preventing others from accessing your private information in transit. So, when using an SSL capable browser, shopping on the Raffaella Basini Creations website is perfectly safe.

Also, when your provide credit card information on our website, it is passed directly to the bank via an SSL secured payment gateway and is at no stage stored on our website or in our database. This means there is no risk of your credit card information being stolen, even in the highly unlikely even of someone gaining access to our database.



Shipping charges apply to all orders placed. Shipping costs include insurance. We will not ship without insurance. Our shipping cost is calculated on the weight, volume and delivery postcode for every order. Shipping and dispatch times on our website are indicative only. To avoid delays and possible second delivery charges, we strongly recommend that you provide an attended business address (such as a work address), where someone you trust will be available to receive and sign for the order during normal business hours.

We only use person-to-person delivery services (i.e. Where the recipient must sign for the delivery) to ensure orders can be tracked all the way through to delivery. For certain orders (i.e. as determined by our fraud prevention policies), we may also request for the courier to verify the identity of the recipient.


Delivery Times

Normal delivery times for items in stock are 4-6 days from payment clearance, within Australia. Longer times will apply to overseas orders. These timelines are guidelines only. Raffaella Basini Creations does not take any responsibility for any delays in shipping. Where possible we provide consignment details and courier tracking numbers to customers (in the order status), so please contact the corresponding courier to track your shipments. You should check the Order History on the Order Information page accessible from the My Account area for information on your order.

Loss and Damage

Shipping Insurance – Shipping Insurance is included is the postage costs. We will not ship without insurance.

Signing for Delivery – The customer is responsible for ensuring that either they or their authorised representative inspect the goods prior to accepting the delivery and signing the Proof Of Delivery (POD) document. Each delivery should be checked for completeness (i.e. Enclosed goods as per accompanying Consignment Note) and any transit damage. Failure to inspect the goods prior to signing the POD will result in voiding of any insurance against loss or transit damage.

  • Signing of a Proof of Delivery (POD) document confirms that the consignment has been delivered in full and in good condition (i.e. no visible physical damage). POD should only be signed once the goods have been inspected as a clean signed POD will void any insurance against loss or transit damage.
  • If a shipment arrives with a damaged carton or item, the delivery should either be rejected with POD not signed or the POD must have the exact damage noted on it including any carton identifier available, signature, name and date as above. If this information is not provided the POD will be treated as clean and will void any ability to claim loss or transit damage against shipping insurance.


Additional Fees and Charges

If we incur extra delivery charges as a result of your action or inaction, these may be passed on to you at our discretion. An example of such charges are second delivery charges by couriers as a result of you or someone who can receive the goods not being in attendance at your nominated delivery address when you have specified that the address is attended during normal business hours.



Promotions are offered from time to time on our website. We will place set time frames in which these promotions will occur. Should any more information be required about any given promotion, we are happy to assist with queries.


Refund and Return Policy

Statutory Rights

No part of the Refunds and Returns Policy is intended to limit any rights or remedies customers may have under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) or equivalent State and Territory legislation.


Please choose the products carefully before placing an order. We generally do not provide refunds or exchanges for incorrectly ordered goods or if you change your mind once you have received the goods. We take no responsibility for incorrect choice of product. If at our sole discretion, we decide to accept non-faulty goods for a refund, a re-stocking fee of 20%-25% may be charged and other non-refundable costs incurred by us (i.e. Credit Card Handling Fee and Freight Costs) will be passed on.


Return of Faulty Goods

BEFORE returning any faulty goods to us you must initiate a return / warranty claim by email. You must select the faulty item from the list of products you have purchased and provide as much information as possible about the fault / problem. Where appropriate, we will issue you with a Return Authorisation Number (RA Number) and provide with instructions on returning the faulty item. The RA Number is valid for 21 days from the date of issue, in which time the faulty goods must be received. The RA Number will not be extended or re-issued. The RA Number MUST be clearly displayed on the return package. Any goods returned without an RA Number will be not accepted and shipped back to you at your expense. Depending on the item we may require that it is returned with all original accessories. A refund for the amount paid for the item or a replacement item will be provided at our discretion for any goods returned. A refund or replacement item will only be issued once the faulty item has been received and tested for the specific fault / problem specified in the Return / Warranty Claim and found to be faulty.


Return of Non-Faulty Goods

Our Service Centre test for declared faults thoroughly, however, if they find the item to have no faults or intentional damage to the item, a $45 service fee may be charged and the non-faulty item will be shipped back to you at your expense If the item is found to be not faulty and the service fee is charged, you will be required to pay the service fee prior to the goods being shipped to you. If payment is not received within 30 days, the goods will be sold to recover the service fee and any difference will be refunded to you.

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